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3D Scanning, As-builts & Reverse Engineering

We measure, inspect, and document the built environment.


We are passionate about capturing reality, and making sure that your project succeeds from the start.

We specialize in providing comprehensive as-builts to document existing conditions before, during, and after a project. We believe that accurate documentation is the basis for a successful project. We employ cutting-edge workflows and technology such as terrestrial 3d laser scanning, as well as aerial drone base photogrammetry, and lidar to capture reality and industry-standard software, such as Revit to create our documentation and deliverables.


Our deliverables range from 360 images on a floor plan, evacuation route plans,  floor plans for BOMA areas tabulations, to entire 3d building information models and systems, or digital twins for property asset management. Our 3d laser scans capture real-world dimensions with fractional accuracy. This is the result of our attention to detail, understanding of the technology, and years of experience in the fields of building design and building information modeling. We service Architects, Interior Designers, Facility Managers, Construction Professionals, Commercial real estate agencies, insurance companies, and more.

We work in the municipal, commercial, real estate, and historic/heritage sectors.

We are based in South Florida and operate and support clients across the continental USA.

We take pride in keeping our operations in-house to support our local economy.

What sets us apart from the rest

Unlike traditional point-and-shoot measuring methods that are time-consuming and require an operator on-site for days transferring measurement to a laptop (that is, if you want it done correctly) we bring the entire building, site, or both back to our office and do all the survey work in the office with high accuracy. This means that we are in and out of your office, home, or retail space in a matter of hours or even minutes with minimal disruption to your daily operations. In addition, traditional point-and-shoot methods are limited to “one point or plane” at a time, whereas our standard workflow captures all 3d aspects of a space and building. This is known as a point cloud.

What sets us apart

terrestrial scanning

We have you covered when your project requires the highest level of detail with our tripod-based workflows.

mobile scannig

We provide mobile 3D scanning for hard-to-reach spots and to 3D scan and map large facilities and open spaces with high accuracy and speed.


We employ aerial drone-based Lidar and photogrammetry to provide comprehensive deliverables.


We provide training frim wide implementation assistance and model management. Our team is comprised of Architects, Surveyors, and BIM professionals.

Services and Capabilities:

Here at Constructpoint we combine traditional site recording methods, such as reference measurements and photographs with 3d laser scanning, and drone-based lidar and photogrammetry.  In addition, we find that many of our projects require a combination of methods to achieve the end result and we are proud to say that we can cover a wide range of applications such as:

Architectural as-builts

Measured floor plans and building elevations

Building deviation analysis and reporting

Base drawings/base model creation

Demolition floorplans and diagrams

Commercial real estate and BOMA area tabulation

3d assets digitalization and reverse engineering

Forensics and insurance data collection

Historic/Heritage documentation

as-built documentation during construction

360 photolog/floor plans

Site verification and reports

Evacuation route plans

ADA Inspections

Reverse Engineering of parts and assemblies


The advantage of 3d laser scanning.

A “Disto” or like laser-line line is an accurate device to capture the dimensions of small space or discrete distances, and this is what most independent service providers rely on.  However this conventional process is time consuming and do not  provide a complete representation of the building or environment, In addition, they are time consuming and can introduce large amounts of error. They best used to derify single distance, not to document and entire building. 

In constrast, a 3d laser scanner or Lidar unit provides high accuracy and unlike the tools mentioned before, it provides high fidelity. 3d scanning as the name implies also captures spaces and object in three dimensions, this means that all critical distances are captured simultaneously. While one press of the “measure” button on a “Disto” yields ONE measurement of distance, one scan from our 3d laser scanning equipment provides millions of measured points in 3d space also known as a point-cloud. This comprehensive data set or point-cloud is then what becomes the background for your new floor plans, sections, elevations and even area calculations. We even convert this information to 2D CAD, 3D CAD or Revit Models / BIM for an end-to-end solution. One advantage of a 3d laser scan, the ability to extract infinite slices from your building to gain a better understanding of its spaces and massing.

Our process and deliverables:

Our process can be summarized into three main steps:

On-site collection:

This is where the magic happens. During this step, we deploy our 3d scanning equipment, cameras, and other support tools to capture and digitize your site in high resolution and with sub-millimeter accuracy. We show up, 3d scan, and go with minimal disruption to your building(s) and occupants. 

Data processing and management:

3d scan data needs to be processed and registered by a professional to ensure accuracy and dependable results. This step takes place at the office shortly after our site visit and it entails the creation of a project point cloud and point cloud deliverable. This step is in preparation for the creation of technical CAD drawings of a building information model (BIM). At the end of this step, the data we collected is ready for use.


Drawing and model creation:

At this time, we begin to focus on our deliverable and the production of CAD drawings, Revit models, and/or reports.

We take pride in the fact that do all work in-house and own equipment. This allows us to have full control over the quality of our work, timelines and helps our local economy.


Point-cloud captured on-site by our 3D laser scanning equipment


High fidelity 3d Revit model created from the point cloud, field measurements, and measurable photographs in our office.

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