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3D Scanning, As-builts & Reverse Engineering

We measure, inspect, and document the built environment.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential.

Design and construction projects are complex, so why rely on partial documentation or inaccurate drawings? Let's talk about your next project and your needs, or request a quote.


3d laser scanning

High resolution 3d laser scanning to capture complex building structures and sites accurately and efficiently.


We create as-built drawings, BIM and solid models from laser scan data to document your site. We can also digitize paper drawings.

Aerial imagery

We are Part 107 pilots and ready to help with site logistic, inspections and mapping from the air. We  utilize MADE-IN-USA / BLUE LIST drones for our operations.

bim/vdc services

There is no better way to minimize errors and change order than with our virtual design construction services and clash detection assistance.

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate

Free up your staff to tackle current projects and deadlines while we prepare your measured base drawings, asbuilt, and BIM models professionally and deliver them in a "ready-for-design" state. We have the right technology to capture paces big or small, accurately, faster, and more efficiently than with traditional methods.

We speak BIM, we don't just provide pretty 3d models - well.. our models are pretty awesome, but that is just icing on the cake.

With over 15 years of experience as BIM professionals, Architects, and designers, we have the experience to service AEC firms and professionals across multiple sectors. 

We provide as-builts and 3d scanning for:

Residential, Commercial buildings, Institutions and construction, fabrication, BOMA, and more.

We can mobilize in less than 48hrs and produce as-builts in less than 7 business days.*

*Site and scope must meet specific criteria

What sets us apart
CP3_BARN 02.jpg

We understand the importance of accurate and reliable as-builts.

We are located in South Florida close to all major cities like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Naples, and more. In addition, we also operate and support clients across the continental USA with our team of AEC professionals. We take pride in keeping our operations in-house, to better fulfill our mission: to provide our AEC customers with the highest quality, accuracy, and reliability.

With our roots in the practice of architecture, we understand the importance of accurate information for the completion of any project from the start and that is what we do. We specialize in providing accurate as-built documentation.  We employ cutting-edge technology and workflows so that your project runs smoothly from beginning to end. 


AEC as-builts - Revit / Autocad / Archicad / Sketchup

Measured floor plans and building elevations

Building deviation analysis and reporting

Base drawings/base model creation

Construction documents support

Demolition floorplans and diagrams

Commercial real estate and BOMA area tabulation

3d assets digitalization and reverse engineering

Forensics and insurance data collection

Historic/Heritage documentation

Construction As-builts

360 photo documentation

CAD to scan comparison

Paper to CAD / Revit

Evacuation route plans

ADA documentation / inspection

Reverse Engineering of parts and assemblies

Conventional Measurements P2P (point-to-point)

Point layout formatting

Point Layout in the field 

Ask us about pairing topographic and boundary surveys with our 3d scanning services

3d scanned asbuilt floor plan or office interior


Measuring a single room is a simple task, but measuring a building, single or multi-story, or a commercial space is not. Add ceilings, lighting, and other MEP and structural documentation and now you have a major project on hand that could take your staff away from their production responsibilities for several days and weeks.

Hiring a professional measuring company such as ConstructPoint Technologies will bring the following benefits:

  • Maximize the use of your team’s time, billable hours, and expertise.

  • Minimize errors and repeat site visits due to inaccurate documentation practices.

  • Cost savings in the form of time and minimize error.

  • Improved design and construction coordination.

  • Faster project delivery timelines.

  • Higher accuracy of design documents across all disciplines.

3d scanning as-built for shop drawings


During the creation of conventional building measurements or as-builts, a “Disto” or laser-line measuring device is the only tool that most providers will use and rely on. In all fairness, this is an accurate device that can be found in most DIY stores and it is best used to capture the dimensions of a single area or single distance (think of a kitchen remodel). This is a simple and low-cost approach that is time-consuming and prone to introduce errors when applied to a full building survey. Laser line measurements, do not provide a complete representation of the building that is accurate and time efficient.  

In contrast, 3d scanning like the name implies uses Lidar equipment that is able to capture a space in 3d and provides high-accuracy measurements unlike the tools mentioned before. 3d scanning provides high fidelity to the built environment. It does not stop at capturing the locations of walls, but it goes above and beyond to capture the actual slopes of ramps and deformations on the building surfaces and structure. 3d scanning as the name implies also captures spaces and objects in three dimensions, this means that all critical distances are captured simultaneously. While a “Disto” produces ONE measurement or distance, one scan from our 3d laser scanning equipment provides millions of measured points in 3d space known as a point cloud. This comprehensive and high-accuracy dataset or point cloud is the true As-built of your site or building. This point cloud is then translated to become the foundation for your as-built floor plans, sections, elevations, and even area calculations.


We deliver our as-built documentation in 2D CAD, 3D CAD or Revit Models / BIM for an end-to-end solution. 


Our process can be summarized into the following steps:


During this stage, we communicate with your team to understand the scope of your project, tailor our deliverables, and focus our efforts to maximize the benefits of our deliverables. 3D scanning by nature captures everything inside and outside of the building, but we have found through both, delivering successful projects and using the technology ourselves for our projects, that oftentimes you do not need every building element modeled in Revit or a high Level of Deployment (LOD).

On-site 3d scanning and measurement collection:

This is where the magic happens. During this step, we deploy our 3d scanning equipment and leverage our field skills to capture and digitize your site in high resolution and accuracy. We show up, 3d scan, and work with little to no disruption to your building(s) and occupants. Often times our typical site visit is less than a day.

Data processing and management:

3d scan data needs to be processed and reviewed by a technical professional in our team to ensure accuracy and dependable results. This step takes place at the office after our site visit and produces the true as-built condition of a project. This is known as a point cloud and point cloud deliverable. This step is in preparation for the creation of technical CAD drawings or a building information model (BIM). At the end of this step, the data we collected is ready for the creation of a model.


Drawing and model creation:

During this step, we draw on our years of experience in the AEC and Manufacturing field to reverse engineer the point cloud and produce accurate "as-built" or "as-measured" documentation in the form of CAD drawings, Revit models, and/or reports. We take pride in doing all of the work in-house. This allows us to have full control over all aspects of the project, and this translates into a high-quality deliverable.


Point-cloud captured on-site with one of our 3D laser scanners


High fidelity 3d Revit model created from the point cloud, field measurements, and measurable photographs in our office.

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